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In real life, not hidden behind the glowing computer screen as I am when I blog… I am pretty much the same person.  Maybe a bit more outgoing, okay definitely more outgoing, because hello this is a one sided conversation until you reply back… but that is much more time consuming.  Anyway I am friendly and outgoing to a fault. 

Two years ago I started working with a guy named Jim, he was built like a tank and his face was chiseled, unfriendly, but intriguing.  When he came to eat lunch with me so I wouldn’t be alone, we talked the entire time about nonsense.  At some point he informed that he was a personal trainer on the side, which is something Mike might one day want to do before his career really takes off, so I told him that we should all go out sometime… he could share his insights with Mike and I could meet Jim’s fiancé. We exchanged numbers and that night I told Mike all about it, and he was game for whatever whenever we decided to hangout.

One night really late I got a text from Jim asking me if I wanted to grab a drink somewhere.  I turned it down saying that Mike wasn’t home and Jim informed me that that was better.  Naturally I went into hyper shutdown mode.  Anytime Jim would talk to me at work I would be short with him, I didn’t respond to any more of his texts, including one that talked about us going out on a boat together just the two of us that weekend, (that night I had a nightmare that Jim drown Mike and I was powerless to stop him).  Jim was fired from our establishment not too soon after and I figured that was all behind me.

For six months straight Jim would randomly text me, ask me how I was, tell me I was pretty, or complain about his “fiancé.”  Then one day the texts stopped, like he finally got the point since I never once responded. 

Two or three days ago I got a message from him saying “hey sonya. Just wondered how things are going with you, got way hard for me right after we talked last.  My brother killed himself and shortly after my Mom passed.  I was pretty messed up for a while. I’m ok now. how have you been? been thinking about you. my phone is ……………………, my email is ……………….”

I have no idea why I am on his radar or even on his mind, what a guilt trip though.   Since we last spoke my life went to shit so you wanna talk to me now?!  OH and he added me on Linkedin the same day.  You sir are crazypants.



Another time I met a guy at a bar, Nicc and I were vying for his attention, for no other reason than to prove that one of us was hotter than the other.  He got my number and text me every single time he went to the bar that we met at for three years; even after Mike and I started dating and I told the guy (whose name I literally do not know), that I had a boyfriend that didn’t find his constant texts appropriate.  Let it go…


I don’t really get it, how can people that don’t know me at all be so hard up on letting me out of their lives?  It’s not like a shit rainbow. There should be a patch for that and it should be called “opposite sex repellant.”  For those times when someone you hardly know won’t leave you the eff alone.