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A trend I am noticing now as I begin looking into wedding stuff is this “investment” B.S. brought to the masses by photographers. Yes it is an art form, and yes you spent tons of money on a camera, but changing the word charge – billing – or fees to “investment” feels like a stab at one’s intelligence.

I will be able to sell my wonderful wedding photos in the future to random people that for some reason decide they want photos of Mike and I all over their walls instead of their own?

Investment. Like a car? We will be able to pay our children’s college tuition if we invest in these photos today?

One “investment” starts at $3795 (kind of random numbering there… let’s just call it what it is $3,800) I didn’t even have a chance to fall in love with the photos. It’s not that I believe these people should be paid less for a job they are qualified for, but at the same time, don’t pretend like you are charging nearly $4,000 for my benefit.

I should call and ask, “Are you printing our photos on gold? You aren’t? Well then we will not be using you, good day sir.”