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Didn’t think it would all come rushing back
Burn like I laid my bare skin on train tracks
Maybe if I hadn’t continued my search
Never finding the information I sought
Until today.
Until today.
I was there when it happened,
But to see it recounted for all the world to know my pain
Or how happy that made you both.
You might not have even considered the me part of the equation in your story retelling;
“How romantic.”
“How romantic.”
Were I a cat, I would have died long ago…
For your movements call my name and you don’t even intend for them to.
You’re happy, I’m happy, but I didn’t want you to be.
I wanted my absence to crush your soul, as you crushed mine
Hoped she would see you for who you were and decide it wasn’t worth it.
I stood outside our home helping someone you damaged,
While you inside “bent down and kissed her hand.”
Unveiling your first meeting, and the day I lost you forever…
So I let you go now
God I hope I let you go now.


Camera phones did not do it justice.